About me

I'm a business guy on the intersection between product & tech. Discovering what people like is my passion. I'm based in Berlin.

I have been working on several startups and projects over the last decade, mostly related to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), business-to-business applications and messaging including an international tech conference on everything related to chatbots.

Find below a quick overview of my past and present work.

You can also find me on Twitter (@yesitsBernie) and (LinkedIn)[https://www.linkedin.com/in/bernhardhauser/].

oratio – Connecting Businesses and Customers on Messengers

Co-founder and CEO 2015 – 2018


Team oratio

My latest venture oratio aimed to enable businesses to connect with their customers on on messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Viber, Telegram and Kik.

How did oratio work?

Let's say as a customer you wanted to chat on Facebook Messenger with an online shop about your latest order. After sending over a message, you would get a response from that company with all the details about your latest order on a channel you probably use on a very frequent basis.

That way you can make changes easily without the need for multiple channels, devices and logins. Everything in one place.

oratio screenshot

oratio also supported individualds and teams, a wide range of messaging networks and enabled businesses to either connect personally with their customers or with help from smart chatbots.

Seedcamp, a London-based early stage fund, invested in oratio early 2016 as well as the Vienna Business Agency in 2017.


Organizer 2016 – 2017


As Team oratio, we started our first international conference on everything messaging, AI and chatbots in October 2016.

The latest edition ChatbotConf 2017 was hosted at Erste Campus in Vienna on 2–3rd October 2017 and featured more than 26 international speakers from Facebook Messenger, Google, Twitter, Slack, Microsoft, Amazon and many more companies and relevant startups from the messaging and chatbots industry.

In total, we attracted more than 1,000 guests over the course of two years of ChatbotConf. In 2017, we set out to extend the event to cover two full days. The first day, 'Community Day', featured events organized by and for the community all over Vienna, whereas the second day, 'Conference Day', was dedicated to talks and discussions from industry experts.

We made all talks and panels available online. Watch talks from the Main Stage and the Master Classes for free.

sharedspaces.at – Workplaces for Creatives



What started as a side project quickly became Austria's most important resource for coworking spaces, office spaces and more.

sharedspaces.at (in its old form) was a proof-of-concept to learn more about bootstrapping a two-sided marketplaces and how to create platforms based on them.

We initally faced the problem of neither having spaces on the platform, nor having any visitors because of the inital problem of not having any content. To overcome this problem we started to source spaces ourselves and put them on the platform on behalf of the owners.

Once we put an initial ~20 spaces online, the platform became self-sustaining in a way that more users became interested in finding spaces which led to more owners wanting to be listed on sharedspaces themselves. SEO is the most important driver of traffic.

sharedspaces is now close to listing 500 spaces from all across the country.

orat.io – Re-thinking online discussions

Co-founder and CEO 2012 – 2014


The very first project – and later the first company I founded – was (also) named oratio. It all started during my studies at the University of Graz, when I tought myself to code. I started learning PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS in my free time.

Instead of doing coding examples over and over, I wanted to work on an actual project. My idea was that online discussion could be much easier if questions ('Statements') and reactions to them would be structured side by side, either Pro or Con.

In 2014, Axel Springer Plug and Play, a Berlin-based accelerator, invested in the company which allowed us to start working full-time on it. After some iterations we eventually decided to not continue working on the idea, but with that project, we laid the foundation for every future venture I have been working on ever since.

IdeenTriebwerk Graz

Co-founder 2012 – 2014


Back when I was studying at the Univserity of Graz, I co-founded an NGO named IdeenTriebwerk Graz with three other friends. Its goal was to attract more students to either found or join local startups.

We organized events of different sizes – from informal monthly meetups to weekend-long hackathons – to make it easy for everyone to dive into everything related tech and startups.

I'm not actively involved anymore after moving away from Graz, but I'm happy to see that the organization is now more vibrant than ever before. After moving to Vienna, I started working as a Project Manager for the nation-wide initiative AustrianStartups.